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Why Essential Oils?

It became apparent through the course of coaching people that most of us already know what to do to improve our health and wellness. The issue is, very few are actually taking the appropriate steps to accomplish these goals. In addition to  being seemingly unable to take small steps towards improving our health on our own, the majority of people suffer from one or more unexplained maladies such as autoimmune disorders, depression, and/or a general feeling of being 'unwell'.    


The question is WHY?

After some pointed questions and a bit of introspection, I found that emotional stress was holding people back from reaching their goals and was actually leading to an increased sense of dissatisfaction in all aspects of life.


To piggy back on that theory, both the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that emotional stress is responsible for up to 85% of all disease in the United States of America. 

Essential Oils.


Taking a page out of Dr. David Hawkins playbook, we can see that when looking at energy frequency in the body, cells that vibrate at the lowest rates are associated with the more negative or stress related emotions; while the highest vibration rates of cells are associated with positive thought based and peace of mind emotions.

The goal when working with HHC is to raise your cell vibration so that you are operating in a constant state of synchronicity and extraordinary outcomes

Joy, Gratitude, and Love will be your normal state and Essential Oils support you in what is commonly thought to be a painful process of releasing the negative emotions stored in your body caused by past experiences, and limiting belief systems. 

Emotions =

Energy in Motion.

The nature of chronic stress (aka – negative emotions) often results in a buildup of energy that gets suppressed in the body.  Prolonged or chronic stress eventually manifests itself as disease (or dis-ease in our mind/body/soul). 

All mater (including us human beings) are made up atoms – which are 99.9999% pure energy. Working through emotions and raising the vibrational energy of our cells at a molecular level creates healthy movement of energy through the body, which enables it to heal itself of any self-imposed disease symptoms. 

When looking at Energy Frequency in the body, cells that vibrate at the lowest levels are associated with the more negative/stress related emotions, while the highest vibration rates of cells are associated with positive thought based/peace of mind emotions.

The Science

Several recent key discoveries in neuroscience point to healing a person from an emotional perspective in order to gain physical improvements.


Based on neural circuitry, our emotional brain responds faster to incoming information or stimuli than our analytical brain; The emotional brain is connected to every area of the brain, whereas the analytical brain is not. 


On the basis of survival, the experience of stress, and feelings of worry, fear, or anger take priority over feelings of happiness and peace of mind.  


As a result of these findings, the emotional brain (or the limbic system) is considered to have executive power in the brain.  It influences all decision making, thought processes, memories, and present experiences. 


Your ability to understand, deal with, and effectively use your emotional energy is vital to your happiness levels and general physical health.


Using state of the art Galvanic Skin Response testing technology, you will identify through a painless 2 minute hand scan the top 10 essential oils your body craves the most.

The scanner sends out  harmless tiny electronic impulses which bounce off the cells. The rate at which the electronic signal is returned allows the device to determine the frequency at which your cells are vibrating.  


Once you have this information, you have the option to integrate a five or eight week protocol into your Coaching or Energy Healing sessions.   

Emotional Release.


A healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58 MHz. Essential oil frequencies measurements start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz (which is the frequency of rose oil).

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known.  Integrating high frequency CPTG oils into your daily routine, and even using these to replace synthetic substances, naturally and easily raises your bodies natural vibrational rate.

Each CPTG oil has both a physical and emotional affect and can be used by itself, or in conjunction with a combination of oils at specific energy points on the body, taken internally, and diffused aromatically. 

When you take into account that if left to our own devices, our bodies naturally operate at a frequency that is stuck in negative emotion, it is easy to understand the need to integrate high vibrational substances to support positive emotions and release of negativity. 

Classes & Workshops.


Make & Take Workshops are two-hour classes where you learn about a specific topic related to essential oil use, receive at least eight essential oil recipes, and make one item to take home for personal use.  Attend a scheduled class or request a workshop not on the calendar by clicking on the buttons below.

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