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Wellness Coaching


  • Personal one-on-one Wellness Coaching

  • Integrative Nutrition Consulting

  • Educational Training Events

  • Home evaluation or grocery store visit (North Orange County Only)

  • Detoxification & Weight Loss Programs

Fundamental Nourishment_Typical.jpg

Fundamental Nourishment.

Over 200 scientific studies have proven that we can't improve health when we are in a stressed-out state. Instead, it's been shown that cultivating a thriving mind is necessary to attain a healthy body.  In conjunction with a  traditional health assessment, you will also receive a whole-life focused questionnaire where we can identify any imbalances with aspects of life that feed your soul, not just your body. 

The Wheel.

The Fundamental Nourishment Wheel you see above is an example of a human being with all 12 aspects of life in 100% balance. 

The Reality.

The wheel you see above is based on data from the CDC's Department of Health Related Quality of Life and a more accurate depiction of what 98% of U.S. people's satisfaction with their lives actually are.  This dissatisfaction takes away from the possibility of the fun, excitement and passion you can have in your daily life - which is what really feeds you. 

Fundamental Nourishment_Optimal.jpg

Nutrition & Reducing Toxic Load.

The term ‘toxic load’ is the used to indicate the level of poisonous chemicals inside your body, introduced by the environment, processed food, medication, soaps, lotions, and in general modern life.  The toxic load is also sometimes referred to as ‘body burden’ and is a huge stress to the immune system, as well as all of your other bodily systems and even your mental state. 


Do you seemingly catch a cold just looking at a child on the street?  If the answer is yes; chances are you have a high toxic load and compromised immune system.


Over the course of the 6 month program we will work to ‘crowd out’ items contributing to your toxic load. One by one, you will decide which item you can replace and with what in a sustainable manner. For example, instead of drinking that soda in the morning, we will work on finding an alternative that still meets the need of the craving, but provides a healthier outcome – such as a cold glass of water with a drop of essential oil.

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As your wellness coach, together we will baseline your satisfaction with each of these fundamental aspects of life at the beginning of our program.  You will choose one, two, but no more than three areas you feel need improvement at the start of the program, and we will revisit your progress regularly.

You are an individual, both mentally and biologically, and only you will be able to decide how to best integrate wellness coaching into your life.  Tools such as a daily journal, to include morning intentions, evening reflections, weekly check ins, guided exercises are provided, both in hard copy or online – which ever is preferred. 

You will have the opportunity to create a personal vision for yourself, and I will hold you accountable.  I will encourage you to stretch your expectations and empower you with direction and purpose.  You will expand your mind through exercises in gratitude, and over the 6 month program, learn strategies to transform your lifestyle so that you become your own wellness coach.

While we are working on the fundamental aspects of your life, we will also be focusing on integrating improved nutrition and reducing the toxic load in your life on and in your body. 

This is YOUR Life.

I’ve partnered with multiple businesses to assist in identifying a health baseline, products to promote the reduction of toxic load,  and optimal nutrition on-the-go. 


I have access to test your microbiome to identify the best types of foods and exercises to maximize the good bacteria that control your hormone production and metabolism.


I am also in the process of working with a chef to create a customized cook book full of healthy, easy to prepare, and tasty recipes. 


We can go as quickly or as slowly as you decide with your integrative wellness journey.

This is your life, the question is... what are you going to do with it? 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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