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Ramona S.

Wonderful Experience!

As an owner of a very busy Home Care Company, I don't always take the time to eat or exercise right.  I find myself unable to obtain a good nights sleep as I often worry about the business, employees and just everyday life.

Recently I was put on high blood pressure medication in addition to Crestor for cholesterol issues.  I knew at that moment I needed to begin taking care of myself better if I wanted to be there in the future for my family  and business. 

I met Kery Bailey through BNI and was interested in her recommendations for on the go nutrition products. Kery was patient with me in explaining the plant based products and provided me with samples to take home and try. 

I decided to give it a try and what I can confidently share is the product made me feel sharper during the day.  She recommended Tart Cherry Extract and Aloe Vera to drink at night.  For a woman who only slept 3 hours a night it was amazing to me that I was able to sleep 6 hours uninterrupted. 

I am very happy I took the time to meet with Kery and now incorporate her recommendations into my daily living. I recommend meeting with Kery to anyone who wants to live a healthier life. 

Marian B.

A Must Have!

I am a 95 year old woman who suffers from severe pain due to osteoarthritis and neuropathy.  I've tried many different types of medication prescribed to me by my doctors, and the side effects were always worse than the pain from the actual conditions. 

I decided to take a chance with Kery and gave her 8 weeks to prove to me that her Osteo, Bone, & Joint Recovery aromatherapy and Reiki treatments would do what the medication could not.  

Not only did my pain lessen over time, but I began to sleep better and for longer periods of time after each treatment.  I have gone from waking up every couple of hours and getting only 2 - 3 hours of sleep per night, to sleeping for 5-6 hours at a time!

The pain in my back, shoulders and legs have decreased significantly, and I LOVE how the oils smell and how they improve my mood and sense of well being. 

I have been so impressed with the oils and energy work Kery recommends, that I've started taking essential oils internally to reduce my inflammation and I think its really making a difference!

Published November, 2018

Published September, 2017

Patti M.

Highly Recommended

Kery has helped both my husband and I with her six month wellness program.  I can't describe how much we both enjoyed the program!  Kery guides you to your goals but keeps your comfort zone in mind.  I would highly recommend Kery and her program to help you meet your goals, change your outlook and improve your overall wellness.

Published December,  2018

Roger M.

Excellent Product and Customer Service

In the summer of 2016 I began bowling again after a 15-year sabbatical. I started experiencing pain in the fingers of my right hand and forearm after bowling my last perfect game. Needless to say; being 15 years older I thought it was just my age showing. Thanks to Kery Bailey and her expertise I have less pain and I’m beginning to improve my scoring again. Kery’s mental and spiritual coaching has helped me regain my balance and strength. I would like to give my highest recommendation to Kery and endorse the products she recommends. Also, I would like to give a special acknowledgement for her Wellness Coaching efforts. The power of thinking it, visualizing it, and writing it down does work!

Published March, 2018





I was able to sit with Kery for a session and left with a sense of calmness I haven't that way in a long time. I would highly recommend Kery and the Holistic Human Community to anyone who asks.

Scott A.  - Long Beach, CA

Amazing experience time and time again with Kery and the services and products she offers. Reach out to find out how you can benefit. Highly recommended.

Tricia L.  - Cypress, CA

When I first entered Kery's business I was running late, stressed and suffering from mild arthritis pain. That day it was raining and I seem to have more pain with colder weather. I have arthritis and trouble sleeping.  Kery provided me with some essential oils and Reiki healing.  Her touch in combination with the essential oils left me relaxed and less stressed than when I first walked in. I will definitely use her again.  I confidently recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

R. Streit. - Huntington Beach, CA




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