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Energy Healing


  • Release Emotional and Energetic Blockages

  • Clear Energetic Pathways and Balance Chakras

  • Assist in the Body's Natural Healing Processes

  • May be combined with Aromatherapy Protocols and Treatments

  • Add on to your Personal one-on-one Wellness Coaching

  • 60 and 90-minute Sessions Available

Life Force Energy.

Everyone is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of 99.9999% energy.  Each of our cells vibrate with energy, the rate at which is highly dependent upon our general overall health, and emotional state. 


Scientists have found rather recently that the better the health and more positive the emotions within a person, the higher the vibration rate of their cells and more fluid the flow within the body systems, and an overall sense 'feeling good'.   Conversely, the more dis-ease and negative emotional state, the lower the cellular vibration rate and potential blockages of flow of energy, and overall feeling of 'being sick'.


Energy workers understand that there is an energetic pathway for which this energy flows within the human body.  These are commonly referred to as meridians or chakras. 

In order to be totally well, these energetic pathways must be clear and free flowing, and the cellular vibration as high as possible.

For centuries energy healers have been channeling the universal energy known as qi, pronounced "chi", or in India, known as 'prana'. This is the same energy involved in tai chi exercise. It is the life force energy that some believe surrounds all of us, and some see, feel, or sense as 'auras'.

enter Reiki.

Energy healing has been used for centuries in various forms. At the Holistic Human Community, Kery uses three forms of energy healing all falling within the umbrella term of Reiki.  While scientifically it is difficult to explain why or how Energy Healing or Reiki actually is accomplished, the best way to describe this healing modality is to explain that it integrates outside universal energy with the energy fields around the body.


This energy is said to permeate the body. Reiki experts point out that, while this energy is not measurable by modern scientific techniques, it can be felt by many who tune in to it.


Most experts indicate that most people find that Reiki is intensely relaxing, assists in the body's natural healing processes, and helps develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Many Holistic Human Community clients say that it induces deep relaxation, helps them cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress, and improves their sense of overall well being.

In fact the Washington Post reported back in May of 2014 that "More than 60 U.S. hospitals have adopted Reiki as part of patient services, according to a UCLA study, and Reiki education is offered at 800 hospitals. The Healing Touch Professional Association estimates that more than 30,000 nurses in U.S. hospitals use touch practices every year."


Golden Chakra

What is Reiki?

Reiki combines the Japanese and Chinese word-characters of "rei" (spiritual or suniversal) and "ki" (vital energy).  Reiki's origins began with a Japanese monk named Mikao Usui. At the root of Reiki is the concept — that disease is caused by imbalances of vital energy in the body and that correcting these imbalances promotes healing.


Through a process called attunements, a Reiki master (Usui was the first) can teach others to master this healing power, as well. In 1937, a Japanese-American named Hawayo Takata brought the practice of Reiki to the West when she returned to her native Hawaii after an extended period of Reiki training in Japan, according to the International Center for Reiki Training.

Reiki Treatment
what to


As your wellness coach, together we will baseline your satisfaction with each of these fundamental aspects of life at the beginning of our program.  You will choose one, two, but no more than three areas you feel need improvement at the start of the program, and we will revisit your progress regularly.

You are an individual, both mentally and biologically, and only you will be able to decide how to best integrate wellness coaching into your life.  Tools such as a daily journal, to include morning intentions, evening reflections, weekly check ins, guided exercises are provided, both in hard copy or online – which ever is preferred. 

You will have the opportunity to create a personal vision for yourself, and I will hold you accountable.  I will encourage you to stretch your expectations and empower you with direction and purpose.  You will expand your mind through exercises in gratitude, and over the 6 month program, learn strategies to transform your lifestyle so that you become your own wellness coach.

While we are working on the fundamental aspects of your life, we will also be focusing on integrating improved nutrition and reducing the toxic load in your life on and in your body. 

This is YOUR Life.

I’ve partnered with multiple businesses to assist in identifying a health baseline, products to promote the reduction of toxic load,  and optimal nutrition on-the-go. 


I have access to test your microbiome to identify the best types of foods and exercises to maximize the good bacteria that control your hormone production and metabolism.


I am also in the process of working with a chef to create a customized cook book full of healthy, easy to prepare, and tasty recipes. 


We can go as quickly or as slowly as you decide with your integrative wellness journey.

This is your life, the question is... what are you going to do with it? 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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