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About Kery

Kery Bailey 


A short history.

Kery was born and raised in the beach cities of southern California. With her connection to the earth, and empathetic nature, as a child she could usually be found with some stray animal following her to the park or the beach. Her innate curiosity has taken her many places and given opportunities for multiple iterations within one life time lending her a unique perspective in relating to and working with people.  During her short life Kery has:

Why Wellness Coaching?

Kery's oldest son was diagnosed with severe ADHD & Asperger's at the age of four and was told that she must medicate in order for him to attend school. She was told he may never live a full and independent life.  Begrudgingly she medicated as advised and watched her son's personality & inner spirit completely disappear.


This being wholly unacceptable, and determined to give her son the best quality of life possible, she began what is now a life long journey of discovery.  Questioning everything, she found that nature usually had the better alternative to what the well meaning doctors and nurses recommended.  

Over the course of 20 years she has studied and picked apart scientific articles about nutrition, US agriculture practices, GMOs, pesticides and herbicides and applied everything she learned within her own family.  Needless to say, Kery's oldest son is now (despite the poor prognosis at the age of 4) living a completely independent and happy life on his own and is dedicated to continuing his life of nutrition and lifestyle that he developed in conjunction with his mom. 

Lived abroad for one year as an exchange student at age 15.

Managed a pet store and hand raised exotic birds.

Served in the United States Air Force as an Arabic Linguist.

Earned three degrees.

Works as a Senior Executive in the IT industry for a fortune 500 company. 

Lived in 3 countries, and 6 states.

Visited 11 countries, & all of the National Parks in the Western US.

Raised 3 children as a single mom for 10 years.

On a Mission.

Within her own family Kery has seen first hand how mind set, activity, and proper nutrition for each person uniquely affects an individual's health. 


Two sisters with almost the same DNA can eat 'healthy' and work out daily, and one sister will be strong, robust and overweight, while the other will be lean, athletic and contract cancer.  How is that possible?


Kery found the answer to this question in wellness coaching.  Each person is biologically & emotionally wholly individual.  To say this another way - what makes one thing work for one person, may not work for another.  On top of that, what may be upsetting and a stressor for one person, may be completely benign to the other. 


The fad diets, and doctor directives just plain don't work for everyone

What does work is an individual approach to treating each person as their own unique selves and supporting and encouraging them to identify what things are out of balance, and what foods their body actually wants and needs.  

The human body and psyche is amazingly complex.  Given the proper mental, emotional, and physical nourishment every person on this planet can not only be healthy - but THRIVE.

The Mission of the Holistic Health Community

Empower every individual to live a life they love, of their own making in complete and total wellness. 

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